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Services are on hold until the 5th March at the earliest.

The Good Book Company are offering a free month of Bible Notes called Explore. You can go onto their Website, or there Facebook and click the links to receive these notes.

Instructions for Wednesday evening (from 13th Jan):

  1. Click this link after 7:15pm to join meeting for a 7:30pm start:Zoom Meeting
  2. If the above doesn't work, open your internet browser
  3. Go to
  4. See top right corner the option to: Join a Meeting
  5. Click on this and in the Meeting ID Box write: Meeting ID: 814 243 5926
    Passcode: 7AGeGJ
  6. Click Join meeting and follow on screen instructions

Luke 13:1-9 Prism Session 8 PDF

  1. What big questions has the coronavirus pandemic raised for you?
  2. How are we processing the pain of the coronavirus experience? What questions has it surfaced for us? What has it left us struggling for answers or wondering about? What questions have we heard others asking? How have they made us feel?
  3. As those who believe in and love God, how might we respond to the question of why he allowed the pandemic to happen? What will we say about individual stories of suffering and death? Might we be tempted to imagine that those who suffered most had done something particular to deserve their fate? How comfortable, or uncomfortable, do we feel around such questions?
  4. In what ways might we be creative in changing conversations stuck looking for answers about why the coronavirus happened and God’s part in it, to more general considerations of how recent events cause us to reassess our own lives?
  5. What might it take for us to give space for others to linger with their questions about God and suffering, resisting the temptation to give trite answers? How are we sometimes goaded into being less gracious than God by the questions others ask and ways they challenge us about what we believe? What is the difference between winning an argument and patiently pursuing a conversation that might not have easy answers?

During this period, if you require assistance with making payments to the church accounts please mail us here

Cheques should be made payable to: Greystone Road Presbyterian Church

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