Growing in Fruitfulness

Growing in FruitfulnessThis is a programme written and designed for our congregations by the council of congregational life and witness. This initiative is designed to help people walk closer with Jesus by examining what we do well as His disciples and what we could do better as individuals, as ministries and as a whole congregation.

We want to involve as many people as we can. Every member of the congregation is vital to this and we would ask for your support prayerfully, verbally and actively.

Here is an outline of what is to happen.

17th September 2017

We began a series based on John 15. The Fruit and the Vine. Jonathan and others will preach for the following six weeks on different aspects of how we are to grow as a church. We will also be studying in more detail the implications of growth in the Homegroups. Click here to see the Bible Studies
There is a little book available called ‘5 things to pray for your church.’ We ask that you read this and begin to pray for Greystone Road and the ‘Growing in Fruitfulness’ process so that we will journey on together through the material. The cost of the books can be covered by donation.

11th November 2017

At the end of this introductory preaching and study series we will have a Congregational Conference when we plan to go the Dunsilly Hotel for a morning of fellowship and discussion 9:30-11:00 to begin the process of identifying those areas the church needs to be encouraged in and to contemplate change.

10th December 2017

A second breakfast conference to discuss the areas of change that are needed, how we make those changes and what resources we need. Centrally the church has many resources that will help us in this process.

Growing in Fruitfulness

What we would ask you to do:


pray for the Growing in Fruitfulness initiative, take one of the books and most importantly of all use it. If you are in a Prayer Triplet, use the book each time you meet.


join with us on a Sunday morning and ask God to open your heart to His voice and leading. Join a homegroup, sign up on the sheets in the vestibule.


Put the two dates in your diary, the 11th November and the 10th December, to be a part of the process.

Between the two conferences we will be using the Prayer Journey
which can be downloaded here

Growing in Fruitfulness