Greystone Road Presbyterian Church | Antrim


Greystone Church

The Greystone Road congregation is the youngest of three Presbyterian Congregations in the growing town of Antrim, established in 1969. There are currently over 350 families claiming some connection with the church.

The town of Antrim experienced phenomenal growth at the end of the 1960s when a number of new industries located, or relocated, to the town. These businesses were followed by people from all over Northern Ireland seeking employment, and they were accommodated in a number of large housing estates which were constructed over a period of years. In more recent times the larger industries have declined, and smaller and more varied businesses have taken their place ' even some from Asia and the Far East.

The meetinghouse, of modern design, and recently refurbished, seats approximately 300 and for morning worship is usually well filled. Aside from the main worship auditorium, there is a complex of rooms and halls to accommodate the various congregational organisations that meet during the week. Sunday School and Bible Class, Creche, Childrens' Church, Midweek Prayer and Bible Study, Girls' Brigade, Boys' Brigade, Bowling Club, Badminton Club, Ladies' Fellowship, Thursday Fellowship (for senior citizens), Youth Club, Youth Fellowship, Junior Christian Endeavour and Church Choir.

Greystone Road is a welcoming congregation and people from many parts of the world have shared fellowship with the worshipping congregation on the Lord's Day.